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March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – Cold Creek Snowshoe

The next few days were focused on more snowshoeing. We were officially hooked and just couldn’t get enough of it.

We hopped in the truck and went for a 3 mile loop near cold creek. Once again mother nature blessed us with several inches of fresh snow the night before. This time a snowmobile beat […]

March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – Snowshoe addiction confirmed

During our winter trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige and I had been snowshoeing pretty much every day and realized it was time to purchase our own snowshoes so we headed down to Carson City and each purchased our own pair of Tubbs cross country showshoes.

It turns out that this was one of the best […]

March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – More Meadow Snow Shoeing

One afternoon Paige, Jamie, Jamie’s neighbor Alexis and her daughter Celeste headed out to the meadow with Izzie in tow to for more showshoeing.

Celeste got a free ride via the courtesy of Alexis’ hard work.

The happiest pooch around..


March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – Heavenly Ski Resort

Paige’s sister, husband and brother joined us on the weekend and we all headed over to Heavenly Ski Resort for some snowboarding and skiing. Snow conditions were incredible!! There was a 10-12ft base on the upper slopes of the mountain.. EPIC!!!

Paige, Paul and Jamie at the top of Heavenly


March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – Snow initiation for Izzie

Over the next few days the snow continued to fall in Lake Tahoe. While we were loving the snow we weren’t loving the several hours of snow shoveling each day. There was no snow blower so we had to move all the snow by hand which really started to tweak my back. The snow was […]

March 2011 Winter trip to Tahoe

In mid 2011 Paige’s sister Jamie, and her husband Dave, bought a cabin in Lake Tahoe. Paige and I headed up in March of 2011 to check it out and to do some renovations.

We packed up the back of our truck to the rim with furniture, tools and gear and headed up hwy 395 […]

Lake Tahoe 2009 – Hike to the top of Squaw Valley

For a very long time Paige and I have wanted to hike up the Shirley Canyon trail to the top of the Squaw Valley Ski resort but for some reason we had never made the commitment to do the entire hike. (As a matter of fact just a few days prior we hiked a couple […]

Lake Tahoe 2009 – Trail run up the western states trail

If you have been reading the posts from the past few days you are probably pretty bored of looking at pictures of Paige and I heading down a trail of some kind.

Well.. I’m sorry to inform you but today’s post won’t be any different because we once again spent the day heading down a […]

Lake Tahoe 2009 – Paige Meadows

Damn… I love Lake Tahoe! I would really love to move to Tahoe because it has everything that I enjoy… dense and diverse forests, trails for hiking, trail running and mountain biking, and an extensive system of fire roads and off road routes for motorcycle riding. Hell.. that’s not even mentioning the fact that Tahoe […]

Lake Tahoe 2009 – Hiking to 5 Lakes

On the second day of our stay in Tahoe Paige was feeling a bit better so we decided to head out for a hike that was a bit longer than yesterday’s hike up shirley canyon. Our plan for today was to drive over to Alpine Meadows and hike up the trail to 5 lakes.

The […]