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Overcast, cloudy, chance of showers..screw it I’m riding anyway!

Kinda questionable weather today….

According to ye olde weather man (sorry…I mean weather person) there’s a 40% chance of rain. I have to say that after heading out for a walk earlier in the day with my pooch, and encountering a pretty decent rain shower (and subsequently getting wet), that the weather forecast was accurate.


Mountain Bike Ride to Clear the Head

So it’s been just a couple of days since I got laid off from my job and I’m already starting to worry about finding work. What If I can’t find a job relatively soon? What happens then? There are not a lot of jobs out there in the field that I have experience in and […]

Quick mountain bike ride through Oneil Park

Another gloomy day outside.. roads are all soaking wet from last night’s heavy marine layer that turned to drizzle in the early morning. I had planned on taking my road bike out for a spin today but I really didn’t feel like getting my road bike covered in road grime… Screw that.. I’m heading out […]

Single Speed Mountain Bike ride through Arroyo Trabuco – Spring has arrived

Lately my Saturdays have started off with a group road bike ride with the Sho Air / Sonance cycling club, but today my legs were feeling pretty worn out so I opted to head out for a mellow single speed mountain bike ride. My planned route would take me on a loop along a section […]