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Destination Montana Day 10 (Bridgeport CA to Mammoth Lakes CA – via Yosemite)

Wow.. has it been 10 days already? Damn times flies fast.

At about 6:15 we woke up, milled around for a bit, and then opened up the door to our room to see how cold it was outside. Brrrrr! It was about 40 degrees. Looks like we’re going to have a brisk ride this morning.


Destination Montana Day 9 (South lake Tahoe CA to Bridgeport CA)

Lets roll the clock back a bit to late yesterday afternoon…. When we arrived in south lake Tahoe the temperate was in the mid 80’s so we promptly turned on the AC unit in our room after unloading all of our gear. Later in the evening, when it started to cool off, we opened up […]

Destination Montana – Day 8 (Susanville CA to Lake Tahoe CA)

Day 8 of our trip started at about 8:00 AM when mike and headed west out of Susanville California into the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our plan was to head from Susanville iwest nto the sierras and then head south to lake tahoe.

Susanville sits just a few miles below the tree line […]

Destination Montana – Day 7 (Boise idaho to Susanville CA)

Man.. I have to say that the motel/hotel we stayed at was the best of the trip so far. for a little over $32 a piece we had a huge room, super comfortable beds and a huge breakfast spread the next morning including waffles, eggs, bacon, donuts, coffee etc etc. We stuffed our faces and […]

Destination Montana – Day 6 (Riggins Idaho to Boise Idaho)

Today started off once again with a bit of rain. Mike and I departed from Riggins Idaho at about 8:00 AM and headed south on hwy 95 towards the town of New Meadows.

Here’s a map of the day’s route.

About 20 minutes into the ride the rain started to fall. […]

Destination Montana – Day 5 (Helena Montana to Riggins Idaho)

Wow..what a day of riding. Idaho is Amazing ! Here’s my thoughts of today’s ride after ending the Day in Riggins (where we are right now). BYI.. sorry town of Kooskia.. I kept referring to you as Kooskie in the video.

For those of you who don’t want to suffer […]

Destination Montana – Day 4 (West Yellowstone Idaho to Helena Montana)

5am Thursday morning – Crash…. boom! (insert visual of lightning flashing here). That’s pretty much how our day started. The storms that rolled overhead the previous night fired up again early in the morning and gave the town of West Yellowstone a solid soaking. Fortunately for us the rain stopped about 30 minutes before we […]

Destination Montana – Day 3 (Logan Utah to West Yellowstone Idaho)

Today started out with my favorite breakfast.. that’s right.. free breakfast! The motel we were staying in served up a pretty solid breakfast spread so Mike and I took full advantage of it.

Here’s our planned route for the day.. Logan Utah to West Yellowstone Montana.

After breakfast […]

Destination Montana – Day 2 (Beaver Utah to Logan Utah)

Before I move on with the info on what went down on day 2 of our trip, I thought I would post a short video introducing me and Mike (my riding partner on this little adventure).

Ok.. now that you know who the hell we are, I’ll move on to the oh so […]

Destination Montana – Day 1 (Orange County CA to Beaver Utah)

After a few months of being unemployed I still haven’t landed a new gig to pay the bills. While that may be a bit of a bummer, there is a silver lining. The silver lining is that fact that I now have the time to do some things that I normally can’t do when I’m […]