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Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Misc weird stuff

I encountered a couple of pretty damn wacky things during my Tahoe visit that seemed worthy of being mentioned.

The first wacky thing I encountered was a bike / rickshaw type vehicle that was sitting outside an apartment building near the cabin where I was staying. This bike has to be one of the nuttiest […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Late Season Snowfall

On the last day of our stay in Tahoe we encountered just a bit of snowfall. There wasn’t much of an accumulation but it was quite nice to experience snow during our visit.

Although the Tahoe Basin didn’t have much accumulation and the little bit of snow that fell melted within an […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Pimpin out the Garage

While staying at the cabin of a family member in South Lake Tahoe, I decided to do a bit of garage makeover. The garage had not really been touched since the cabin was purchased and was in need of a serious clean out and reorganization.

The first order of business was to clean out the […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Wheelin’ on the powerline trail

Today my dad and I headed out in my truck and drove down the Powerline trail in South Lake Tahoe. The Powerline Trail is 99% tame but has a few spots were you can actually utilize four wheel drive.

We of course took advantage of the rocky spots to try and make it look like […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Hawley grade hike with dad

Today my dad and I headed out to Christmas Valley to hike the Hawley grade historical trail leading up to a set of falls that contains the longest vertical drop in the Tahoe valley.

Prior to starting our hike we drove down south upper Truckee road, a single lane road that drops from hwy 89 […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Visiting Eagle Falls and Glen Alpine Creek

Just prior to the weekend my dad flew up from Southern California to spend a few days with me at the cabin. He flew into Reno, I picked him up at the airport and we took the long way back to the cabin, via a route around the west side of Lake Tahoe.

On our […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Regan Beach – Lake Tahoe

Today I decided to check out Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe. Regan beach has a small section of shoreline along Lake Tahoe where dogs are allowed so I grabbed the pooch and headed over to check it out.

It was still early spring, and temps were chilly so we had the beach to ourselves. […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Cold Creek hike with Jamie, Dave and Annika

My sister and brother in law (Jamie and Dave) headed up to the cabin from the bay area for the weekend, so we decided to head out for a quick hike along cold creek.

We all loaded up in Jamie and Dave’s new Subaru and headed to the trialhead.

The neighborhood greeter / trail […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Hiking Hawley Grade

One afternoon while chatting with a neighbor I was informed about a short hike in Christmas Valley that would take me up to a waterfall with the longest vertical drop in the Tahoe Valley. The hike is along a trail called Hawley grade, a single track trail that was once the main wagon train road […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Hiking Cold Creek with Izzie and Fred

In May of 2012 I headed up to South Lake Tahoe to do some mountain biking and hiking. Fortunately I have relatives who generously allow me to stay at their cabin when I head up to Tahoe (Thanks again Jamie and Dave!)

When visiting Lake Tahoe hiking is always on the agendo, and one of […]