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Motorcycle trip to Death Valley – Day 2

Day 2 started at around 2:30 AM when we woke up to the sound of breaking glass. Somewhere in the motel somebody was either trashing the inside of a motel room or throwing something, or someone, through a window. Over the next 10 minutes we heard shattering glass time and time again followed by someone yelling “I’m calling the cops”. The shattering glass sound continued for a long enough period of time that Noah and I both though that someone was going down the row of motel rooms and breaking the windows of each room.

We were quite startled and debated staying in our room and letting the glass breaking nut job come to us, or heading outside and get the hell out of our room before trouble arrived through our motel window. We decided to head outside, in the sub 30 degree temps to see what was going on.

Once outside our room we saw the shattered window of the motel room two doors down. A few moments later the police arrived, calmly exiting their vehicles mentioning something to the effect of “Oh.. it’s just Doug.. he got cold again”. It turns out that all the commotion was from “Doug”, a local town bum who was cold and tried to break into a motel room to get warm. According to the Police this wasn’t the first time Doug had done this.

Doug had taken the contents from the bed of a pickup truck in the parking lot, and proceeded to throw the contents of the truck bed (mostly camping gear) through a motel window, thus the continuous racket for 10+ minutes. The poor guy who owned the pickup had to later retrieve his camping gear from among the shattered glass.

Doug's handy work

Doug eventually made his way to the motel lobby where he found heat and sat calmly in a chair until the police arrived.

A few hours later we mounted up and headed out to Titus Canyon for some riding. The temperature was hovering at around 30 degrees when we headed out so we were pretty bundled up.

The ride started out on a long flat fire road that continues for 10-15 miles.

Noah give the ride a thumbs up

The route then transitioned into taller foothills

A few miles later the route ascended up and over a range of mountains.

After ascending an descending over the first range of mountains we stumbled upon the remains of Leadfield.

Noah doing his best Zoolander impression

Beyond Leadfield we entered into the mouth of Titus Canyon, an beautiful canyon with towering walls that continues for 7-10 miles.

We had an absolute blast riding through the canyon. Because it was December, and the temps were in the 30’s, we had the canyon completely to ourselves which was ideal.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Death Valley National park you must put Titus Canyon on your agenda.

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