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Motorcycle trip to Death Valley – Day 3

Our agenda on our second day in Death Valley was to cross the center of the park and head up and over Emigrant Pass and down Wildrose Canyon.

We geared up and headed out of Beatty at around 8:00 am heading down hwy 374 towards Death Valley. Just like the day before the temperature was hovering around 30 degrees… pretty cold.

We passed through Stovepipe Wells and headed south towards Wildrose Canyon and Emigrant Pass.

Prior to Emigrant pass we peeled off and headed down a dirt road toward the abandoned mining town of Skidoo. The road to Skidoo still had a spattering of snow cover due to the recent snow/rain that had fallen a few days prior to our arrival.

It turnes out that the town of Skidoo has no structures at all.. we were expecting at least a few structures.. oh well. We doubled back towards Emigrant pass and continued south until we saw a dirt road heading up to Aguereberry Point. We peeled off the pavement and headed down the road.

We had our hands full climbing up to Aguereberry point. As we ascended higher into the mountains, the snow/ice cover on the road increased to the point where the entire road was covered.  A few miles before the summit we encountered a section of road where Noah’s rear tire spun out causing his bike to slide and top over onto his leg.  Fortunately for Noah, the tip over was at low speed so he didn’t sustain any serious injury.

When we finally reached Augerberry Point the view was spectacular. Aguereberry point sits at an elevation of 6433 feet looking down into the lowest part of Death Valley at an elevation of 282 ft below sea level.

After relaxing for a bit at Augerberry point, we headed back down to the pavement and up and over Emigrant Pass.

A short while later we found ourselves descending into Wildrose Canyon.

At the bottom of Wildrose Canyon we headed north and then west up hwy 190 to Father Crowly Vista where one can overlook a vast portion of the Panamint valley. The paved road that leads up to the lookout point is a motorcycle riders dream consisting of endless sweeping 40-50 mph meandering turns.

Had it not been 35 degrees and incredibly windy, we would have stayed at the view point for quite a while, but the massive gusting winds were threatening to knock over our motorcycles so we continued west on hwy 190, up and over more awesome scenery towards Lone Pine. This section of the ride was absolutely freezing!

30 minutes later we descended down into the Owens valley towards Lone Pine where the temps heated up a bit.

We arrived in Lone Pine and headed west up Whitney Portal rd into the Alabama Hills where we monkeyed around a bit and soaked in the view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance.

As the sun set over the Sierras, we headed back into Lone Pine and checked into the Dow Villa motel where we stayed the night.

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