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March 2011 Winter Trip to Tahoe – Snowshoe addiction confirmed

During our winter trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige and I had been snowshoeing pretty much every day and realized it was time to purchase our own snowshoes so we headed down to Carson City and each purchased our own pair of Tubbs cross country showshoes.

It turns out that this was one of the best purchases Paige and I have ever made. We ended up using them almost every day for the rest of the trip. (And many, many times in subsequent years)

Our snowshoe adventures so far were primarily in the meadow behind the cabin, but it was time for us to branch out to new territory so we did a bit of internet research and found out about a snowshoe trail up to Meiss meadow about 15 miles out of town that sounded like fun.

We had a hard time finding the trailhead however. Turns out it was covered in several feet of snow 🙂 The only way we found the trailhead was by spotting the very top of the trail entry kiosk poking out of the snow.

The first mile of the trail was all uphill. The steep grade and the soft fresh snow combined for quite a workout.

The deep snow covered up any sign of the trail, but we were able to estimate where the trail should as we climbed higher towards Meiss Meadow.

After about 20 minutes of climbing we popped out into a large flat expanse flanked on all sides by mountains.

We had no clue where the “trail” was supposed to be but it really didn’t matter so we headed out across the meadow to blaze our own trail in the soft fresh powder

Looking back at our tracks across the meadow

After crossing the meadow we headed higher into the surrounding mountains. At this point we spotted what looked like the remnants of snowshoe tracks so Paige led the way uphill following the tracks.

Without a question.. one of the best purchases in many years 🙂

After another 30 minutes, we doubled back downhill, across the meadow and downhill towards the truck

This was our first mini adventure with our new snow shoes and our first taste of winter exploration. We both had an absolute blast and knew we would be doing a lot more snowshoeing in the future.

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