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Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Pimpin out the Garage

While staying at the cabin of a family member in South Lake Tahoe, I decided to do a bit of garage makeover. The garage had not really been touched since the cabin was purchased and was in need of a serious clean out and reorganization.

The first order of business was to clean out the existing stuff in the garage so I emptied the garage of all its contents. There was a good bit of damaged and beat up furniture, wood, and miscellaneous crap that needed to be tossed, so I loaded up the back of my truck with all the tossable stuff and headed to the dump.

The goal of the garage makeover was to add lighting, provide storage for misc stuff, create a space that had a small workbench and tools, build an area for storing and waxing snowboards and skis, and create an area to store bicycles.

I headed down to Carson City Nevada and hit Harbor Freight for a tool bench and tools, and the Home Depot for misc lumber and supplies.

I headed back up to Tahoe and started the garage rebuild. First step was to build the tool bench. There were a ridiculous number of tiny parts used to build the bench.. it took me about 2 hours to put it together. After building the bench I added all the newly purchased tools and installed a shovel/tool holder next to the bench. In the end it turned out to be a pretty nice little bench and workspace.

The next step was to add lighting and a snow board / ski storage and waxing station on the back wall. A generic fluorescent lighting fixture was installed to cover the lighting duties. I then cut and bolted a couple of vertical 2×4’s under the light fixture. I then drilled holes in the 2×4’s to accommodate some dowels covered with a bit of insulating foam. The dowels would be used to hold the snowboards. Lucky for me my Dad had flown up to visit the day prior so helped me put everything together.

here’s a shot of the newly created snowboard/ski station

The top set of dowels were installed at a bit of angle to hold the snowboard against the wall. The bottom dowels were installed horizontally to serve double duty as storage and a waxing station.

The next step was to create a space to store stuff, and to accommodate free standing skis, snowboards and/or bicycles.

My dad and I once again used some 2×4’s and dowels to create ski/snowboard and bike storage. We bolted a couple of 2×4’s onto the wall and drilled some holes to accommodate more dowels that would be used to hold vertically hanging skis and/or snowboards. In between the dowels we installed a few bicycle hooks.

An existing melamine storage cabinet was placed in the corner to hold miscellaneous stuff.. piece of cake.

At the end of the day we had pretty cool garage created with a pretty small budget. Here’s a photo of my dad showing the finished product with his best Vanna White impression 🙂

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