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The Saga of a dumpy back yard – Part 4 – “Oh man.. I’m going to feel this in the morning”

After working on the rock wall demolition a few days earlier (and subsequently getting pretty pooped out) I took a few days to recover.  Friday rolled around and I reluctantly decided that  it was time to finish what I had started.  As much as I dreaded the thought of having to continue working on this project , I knew it needed to be done.  A recent $900 quote from a contractor to finish the rock removal was a pretty good motivating factor as well.. so I headed over to Home Depot, rented a larger demolition hammer and started back at it.

Let’s recap where I left off earlier in the week.. I started off with a wall that looked like this:

Rock Wall Before Demo

Rock Wall Before Demo

And ended up with this after about 7 hours of work.

Demo at the end of Day 1

Demo at the end of Day 1

So now we are at day 2 of this “fun” job. I was so tired after day one that I decided to get some help tackling the 2nd half of the job. I wasn’t going to get just anyone to help…I needed get the assistance of a strong, seasoned yard work veteran.  After deliberating for a while on who to contact, I decided to call in the big gun…. my 2 year old nephew David.

David of course did most of the remainder of the demolition work and the only payment required was a juice box and some smiley face stickers !

Ok.. back to reality.  Day 2 actually started off with a big event…the removal of the goofy cement head that the previous owners had embedded in the wall.

After the removal of the head, things progressed pretty well. In about 3 hours the entire length of the wall along the back of our yard was revealed.

After the rear wall was finished I moved onto removing the rocks from the wall on the side yard. I didn’t quite finish the rock removal by day’s end so I wrapped it up the following day.

Here’s a photo of the side yard after the demo was wrapped up…..What a mess!  Believe it or not Paige moved this entire pile of rocks so we could get access to the railroad ties below the rocks! (I can’t even put into words what a pain in the ass it was to remove the railroad ties and the rebar that held them in place)

side yard after demo

side yard after demo

Here is what the rear of the yard looked like post demo… ooof!

Overall the complete demo of the rock wall and removal of the railroad ties took about 20 hours.   In addition to the labor to remove the rocks Paige spent an additional 2 hours moving the rocks on the side yard and 4 or 5 hours sifting through the rubble to salvage a large amount of river rock so we could re-use it later on when we put the yard back together.

Now that everything has been ripped apart, we  still need to jack hammer the cement footer along the length of the retaining wall and subsequently get rid of all the concrete, rock and debris. There is absolutely no way that our aching bodies have the energy or stamina to attempt these tasks.  The footer removal as well as the removal of all this junk is going to be done by someone else.

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