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Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 2)

Day 2 of the trip started off with a 9:00 AM departure from St George Utah. Our planned destination for the day was Torrey Utah about 250 miles away.


 We headed up hwy 15 and then veared east on Hwy 9 through Hurricane towards Zion National Park.  When we reached the entrance to Zion we found out that it was a free entry day…. This meant we each saved $12 on the entrance fee!


I had been to Zion nearly 20 years earlier but had not remembered it much at all so I had not expectations for this visit.  Zion turned out to be incredible!




The roads in the park are a blast to ride on a motorcycle.


After an hour and change in the park Noah and I exited to the east and eventually made our way to hwy 89 where we headed north.


After about an hour and change we stopped off for some grub at Tony’s Outpost.



After lunch we continued north on hwy 89 and winds picked up from the south at speeds of 30mph to 40mph +. Fortunately for us the wind hitting us from behind so it didn’t impact us too much… that is until we headed east on hwy 12 where the winds hit us from the side. We spun off hwy 12 and headed into Bryce Canyon National park where we once again lucked out with a free entry!


After monkeying around in Bryce Canyon we revisted hwy 12 and headed east towards the towns of Tropic and cannonville.  The section of road decsends pretty quickly dropping from around 8,000 feet to somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 feet.


After passing through Cannonville we continued north on hwy 12 towards Escalante.  If you haven’t been out on this stretch of road you have got to take the time to do it at least once as it is unbelievable!


After passing through the towns of Escalante and Boulder the scenery was absolutely off the hook! I can’t possibly put into words how beautiful this section of hwy 12 is.



As we continued north on hwy 12 past Boulder the road transitioned from canyons and sandstone into a mountain range that eventually took us up to an elevation of 9600 feet. Just 15 minutes prior we were looking at sandstone canyons and we were no looking at Aspen trees.


 Noah and I had been riding in the warm temps all day and the quick ascent took us by surprise along with the dipping temperatures. At the 9600ft summit the temperature had dropped to just below 60.  60 degrees isn’t that cold but when your rolling along at 60mph it’s pretty chili. We pulled over for a momentn to add an additional layer of clothing to keep us warm.

Just beyond the summit se descended quickly as we approached Torrey.  At this point we had been riding for over 8 hours and were getting pretty tired but the incredible scenery and buttery smooth rolling hwy re-energized us. For over 30 minutes we rode at a very relaxed and comfortable 60mph as we rolled through mile after mile of tree lined hwy.


Before we knew it we reached out destination for the day, Torrey Utah. We grabbed a room at the Sandstone Inn but had a slight mishap when we tried to enter our room. Noah put the key in the door, turned the key and the front of the door knob promptly fell out.

We were assigned to anoather room (which we entered with success) and  unloaded our gear. We were both pretty hungy so we headed over to the hotel’s restaurant for some food.  We both ordered a cheeseburger and were absolutely thrown for a loop when the food arrived.  The burger had two 1/3 pound patties, bacon and cheese and was served with salad, vegies , mashed potatoes and a mound of country gravy.  I can’t image the fat or calorie count.

Tomorrow we plan on heading  east on hwy 95 through  Capital Reef National Park and over to Blanding Utah. From there we may continue to Durango Colorado.

Here’s a 4 minute summary of today’s journey….

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