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Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 3)

Before we got going with day 3 of the trip, we need to take a moment and revisit a tragedy that occurred at the beginning of Day 2…. the tragedy involved Bob (noahs motorcycle mojo). We’ll get to the tragedy shortly but first, lets introduce Bob.

Bob lives on the rear of Noahs suzuki Vstrom and was happily bobbing around for the first day of our journey. He had a unique perspective from his vantage point because he got to see everything behind Noah. Here’s a shot of Bob in all his glory.



It turns out that Bob was unable to handle the heat we have experienced. One of his flexible bubble eyes developed a cyst which unfortunately burst open at some point during the ride. In order to avoid infection Noah had to lance the contents of Bob’s eyeball. Noah got a bit carried away and ended up expelling the entire contents of his head… RIP Bob.


Ok.. on to day three.  The route for day three was to travel from Torrey Utah to Durango Colorado.


We geared up for the ride but somehow Noah got a few wires crossed when he put his riding gear on and somehow he ended up looking like this. (In all fairness this photo was taken when he was in the middle of removing his gear liners… but what the hell why not take a phot and post it so everyone could poke fun at Mr Fruity shorts)


After allowing Noah to ride ahead several miles (no way in hell was I going to be seen riding next to him) we headed towards Capital Reef National park on hwy 24.


After about 15 minutes we reached Capital Reef National park.  Hwy 24 goes right through the middle of the park which means the view from the road is spectacular.


We stopped for a bit to check out the petroglyphs


We had a great time riding through the park except for when we were stuck behind a group of 4 harley riders who were riding painfully slow and would periodically stop right in the middle of the road (blocking traffic) to take a picture. The lineup of cars was stacking up pretty good and these goofballs continued this until Noah and I got fed up and rode around them.

After riding through Capital Reef National park we turned south in Hanksvill on hwy 95 towards blanding Utah. There was some absolutely spectacular scenery on this stretch of road as well.


After an hour or two we came across Glenn Canyon and Lake Powell.


Continuing south on hwy 95 we passed the turn off on hwy 261 and stopped to check out som Anasazi Indian ruins.  I remember when i was a kid over 30 years ago I travelled through the southwest and visited many ruins that you could access directly with no ropes or gates. Most of these ruins are now untouchable but the ruins we spotted are probably very seldom visited and thus are still open for exploring.


About 50 miles south of the ruins we stopped in Blanding Utah for lunch at the world famous Patio Drive In. ( Ok.. maybe  not so famous)

After blanding we head north on hwy 163 then east on 491 until we eventually found ourselves on the outskirts of durango colorado.

We headed north of Durango to the Durango Riverside Resort and grabbed a small cabin on the Animas River. (Not really much of a resort.. it was previously a KOA campground.) Noah and i had been here a few times many years ago when we used to make an annual pilgramidge to Durango for mountain biking.


Not too shabby of a view from the little cabin.

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