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Destination Montana – Day 8 (Susanville CA to Lake Tahoe CA)

Day 8 of our trip started at about 8:00 AM when mike and headed west out of Susanville California into the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Our plan was to head from Susanville iwest nto the sierras and then head south to lake tahoe.


Susanville sits just a few miles below the tree line of the Sierras, so after only 5 minutes of riding we hit  dense pine forests. After riding across some dry and hot terrain yesterday the cooler temps of the sierras felt sooooo good.


After about 30 minutes we peeled off and headed over towards the east shore of lake Almanor where we road along the shoreline for several miles.


Shortly after Lake Alamanor we headed south on Hwy 89. I had ridden this section of hwy 89 about a year ago and really enjoyed this section of hwy.  As we headed south the ride actually seemed better than I remembered.  The entire ride south on 89 was incredible and rivaled any scenery we had come across so far on the trip.  Funny to think we rode all the way from southern California to Montana to find forests and awesome scenery (which we did find) but at the end of the day we found the Sierras to be equally as enjoyable…… and to think this great ride was in our own state  just about a day and a half drive from home.


Hwy 89 has it all…. awesome dense forests, wide expansive alpine meadows, small quaint towns, scenic rivers….. you name it, it’s here.


After a couple hours riding hwy 89 south, we entered the town of Truckee…

Then continued south on 89 through Martis Valley and down to Lake Tahoe. I have been to Tahoe many times over the years and every time I visit I am amazed by how incredibly beautiful the area is. 

We headed along the east shore of the lake and enjoyed the ride as it hugged the coastline of the lake.


30 minutes later we arrived in South lake tahoe. There are some pretty huge casinos right at the state line (south lake tahoe straddles nevada and calfornia)



At about 3PM we checked into the Bluebird in where the rooms were only $50.  Shortly after our arrival Mike rode into Reno Nevada to pick up his wife at the Airport. He had called her early on the day and on a whim asked if she wanted to fly into Reno and finish up the last few days of the trip with us.  She jumped at the chance to join us so there will be three of us travelling south through the sierra Nevada tomorrow.

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