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The Saga of a dumpy back yard – Part 2 – “The New Fence”

The first item in our back yard that we decided to tackle was the wooden fence that was in serious need of attention. As I mentioned in my last post, much of the fence had actually blown down in a prior storm and had been propped up for some time with two by fours.   The parts of the fence that were not blown down were pretty rotten and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the fence would take a dive.

I initially thought that I would tackle this task so I headed out with a saws all and started cutting out sections of fence.  In about 30 minutes I had 3 or 4 sections of the fence removed.

“No Problem”.. I thought to myself after removing the wooden sections of fence.. all I needed to do now as to yank out the 4 x 4 posts and dig out the cement footers. It turned out that removing the 4 x 4 wooden posts and the cement footers on each post was a lot of work.   The footers were pretty deep and took a lot of time with a pick axe and shovel to remove. I think I removed two of them in about an hour and a half. After those first two were removed my back was not in a happy place.  It was at that point that I came to the realization that I should hire someone else to do this or my back was going to be trashed.  My back is the one part of my body that can go south pretty quick,  so I raised the white flag,  swallowed my pride and found a contractor to do the fence repair.


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