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The Saga of a dumpy back yard – Part 5 – Rock Veneer and Sprinklers

In my last blog post I mentioned how my back yard was completely torn apart and debris was everywhere.  There were a few tons of rock and cement on the ground from the demolition work and I had to hire someone to come and get rid of all the mess.

When the mess was finally removed from my yard it was time for me to tackle the irrigation system.  The prior owners of our home did a pretty crappy job of installing the sprinklers so I tore all of the sprinklers out of the back yard, then trenched out the yard in preparation for new sprinklers.  In hind sight I really should have hired someone to do the trenching because this proved to be a lot more work that I anticipated.

It took me several days to do the sprinkler work and it was a lot of work but it saved me a lot of cash so the work was worth it.

Once the irrigation was done it was time to move on to refinishing the surface of the retaining wall that ran the length of the rear and side of my yard.  The plan was to install rock veneer on the entire surface of the wall so we ordered a large am0unt of rock veneer from a local builders supply yard and had it delivered to our home.  It arrived on four huge pallets that took up 1/2 of our driveway.

Over the next couple of weeks I slowly installed the rock veneer on the retaining wall.  The actual task was not very complicated but it took a great deal of time as there was a lot of surface to cover.    After the veneer was on the wall we also had to install the wall caps on the top of the wall.  These were extremely heavy and had to be tackled with Paige’s help.

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