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The Saga of a dumpy back yard – Part 7 – The lawn

The next phase in our yard remodel was the prep and installation of the lawn/sod.  Installing sod is a pretty simple task that only takes a weekend to tackle and is comprised of just a few steps.

Step 1 – Order a bunch of sod from the local home improvement store or nursery. We decided to go with Marathon sod for our yard.  In a few days it will arrive at your front door.

Step 2 -grab a bunch soil amendment (aka bags of compost and soil additives) and till the stuff into your yard with a gas powered tiller.    It will take you a few hours to mix in all the compost but your new grass will grow much better with some soil amendment mixed in.

Step 3 – Level the yard and roll it with a water filled roller. This is basically a large scale water filled rolling pin that you drag all around you yard to flatten it out.  (sorry.. no picture of this)

Step 4 – Install the sod piece by piece until the entire lawn surface is covered. After all the sod is down, use the large water roller to roll over all the sod. (This packs the sod down into the new soil).  That’s it… your lawn has been created in a weekend.

We had a bit of our front yard that needed attention as well so Paige designed a bit of the landscaping and I put in sod there as well.

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