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The Saga of a dumpy back yard – Part 6 – The patio

The next phase in operation yard remodel was tackling the patio.  The patio was in decent shape but had some pretty worn and dated looking saltillo tiles bisecting the width and length. Paige and I thought it would be a good idea to remove the tiles and replace them with some sort of granite or stone to better match the stone veneer that was just installed on the retaining that spanned the length of our yard.

After a trip to Home Depot to rent a demolition hammer (a hammer which I had become well acquainted with over the last few weeks) I returned home and chiseled out the saltillo tiles.

After the tiles were chiseled out Paige stained the surface of the patio with an earth toned translucent color to better match the color of the recently installed stone veneer on the retaining wall.

The next logical step would have been to replace the recently demolished saltillo tiles with new tile, but Paige and I had not found a suitable replacement product so we put the tile replacement on hold for a bit.

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