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What’s a Shleppy?

You may be wondering… “What the hell is a Shleppy?”   Well.. Good question my friend I’m glad you asked.

Shleppy is a nickname that was bestowed upon me by long time friend and former co-worker Pete.  The story of how Pete came up with the nickname, and how it eventually got pinned to me,  goes a little something like this…..

Back in the day when I started my first job out of college I was working in an office building that was filled to capacity and I found myself working in an overflow room with another new employee named Mike.  Mike and I were the new guys who were kind of isolated in the overflow room. We didn’t have much interaction with other employees in the isolated room and people had no clue what our names where for quite a while. 

Ths overflow room wasn’t really set up as a proper workspace so Mike and I used to work at primitive work stations and store our supplies in the drawers of one large file cabinet in the corner of the room.  My friend Pete (who worked outside the overflow room) thought it was funny that Mike and I were these two unknown worker drones storing our stuff in a file cabinet so he created two name tags with the text “Shlep 1” and “Shlep 2” and taped the name tags to each of the file cabinet drawers where we stored our stuff.  

Over time “Shlep” eventually morphed into “Shleppy”, a name which just kind of stuck with me. In the hallway I would often be greeted by “Hey Shleppy!” or “What’s up Shleppy”.   To some the name “Shleppy” may sound kind of derogatory and a bit insulting, but I thought it was funny and so did everyone else .. so I stuck with it.  At one time pretty much everyone in my department referred to me at one time or another by “Shleppy”

So… after 10+ years the goofy name still remains! 


1 comment to What’s a Shleppy?

  • Paul Romnes

    Really enjoying reading your blogs! I felt sorry for you when you lost your job but now I know it may be a blessing instead. You really needed a break from your job that seemed to be getting more depressing every day, and gave you a chance to really do some amazing things (not the wall). Also you guys were talking about making a move so maybe this is the time. Paul and Barb

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