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Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 8)

Day 8 of the trip started at about 9:00 am when we rolled out the Flagstaff Travelodge and headed south towards Sedona Arizona. Flagstaff sits at about 7,000 ft so the temperature outside was a cool and comfortable 60 degrees.

Our plan for the day was to head to Sedona, then west to Prescott, then […]

Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 7)

Last night when we checked the weather forecast along the next days’ planned route, there was good chance of thunderstorms. Since thunderstorms are usually triggered by the heat of the day we thought it would be a good idea to get an early start and try to reach our destination before the thunderstorms fired up.


Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 6)

Yesterday’s ride was really long and hot so we decided to stay put for a day to recharge and check out some of the local sights. Arches national park is just a few miles from Moab (which is where we were staying) so our plan was to spend 1/2 the day in Arches and then […]

Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 5)

Day number five of our trip started a bit earlier than usual. We got an early start in order to make it over a couple of mountain passes before the afternoon thunder showers materialized. Our route for the day was going to take us up and over some twisty mountain roads, that have no guard […]

Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 3)

Before we got going with day 3 of the trip, we need to take a moment and revisit a tragedy that occurred at the beginning of Day 2…. the tragedy involved Bob (noahs motorcycle mojo). We’ll get to the tragedy shortly but first, lets introduce Bob.

Bob lives on the rear of Noahs suzuki Vstrom […]

Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado on a Motorcycle (day 2)

Day 2 of the trip started off with a 9:00 AM departure from St George Utah. Our planned destination for the day was Torrey Utah about 250 miles away.

We headed up hwy 15 and then veared east on Hwy 9 through Hurricane towards Zion National Park. When we reached […]

Memorial Day Motorcycle Ride with some Friends

What do you do when you have several buddies who own motorcycles who all have the day off from work? You grab a map, pick out a few roads to explore and make some phone calls for everyone to join in on the fun!

That’s pretty much how I spent my memorial day.

My day […]

A weekend riding and camping in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

A few weeks back my buddy Dave contacted me and asked if I wanted to head up for a few days of camping in the Eastern Sierras. Why the hell not? The weather is great, I’m unemployed and camping is cheap! I used to head up to the sierras each year with three friends, each […]

A New Motorcycle!

About a month ago I put a down payment on a new motorcycle.. a two cylinder BMW F650GS. This is a new model that just came out in 2009 which I have been coveting for quite a while in the “sneak preview” reports on the web. The bike was actually available in Europe last year […]

3 Day Dual Sport Motorcycle Trip in Death Valley – Day 2 (cont)

After heading down the rocky section, a few jeeps came along and made the descent look easy.

The people in the jeep were cool enough to take a photo of the three of us.

From left to right Shleppy, Ken and Mike.

We stopped for some food.. and then headed off […]