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Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Wheelin’ on the powerline trail

Today my dad and I headed out in my truck and drove down the Powerline trail in South Lake Tahoe. The Powerline Trail is 99% tame but has a few spots were you can actually utilize four wheel drive.

We of course took advantage of the rocky spots to try and make it look like […]

Lake Tahoe May 2012 – Hiking Cold Creek with Izzie and Fred

In May of 2012 I headed up to South Lake Tahoe to do some mountain biking and hiking. Fortunately I have relatives who generously allow me to stay at their cabin when I head up to Tahoe (Thanks again Jamie and Dave!)

When visiting Lake Tahoe hiking is always on the agendo, and one of […]

Destination Montana Day 9 (South lake Tahoe CA to Bridgeport CA)

Lets roll the clock back a bit to late yesterday afternoon…. When we arrived in south lake Tahoe the temperate was in the mid 80’s so we promptly turned on the AC unit in our room after unloading all of our gear. Later in the evening, when it started to cool off, we opened up […]

Destination Montana – Day 8 (Susanville CA to Lake Tahoe CA)

Day 8 of our trip started at about 8:00 AM when mike and headed west out of Susanville California into the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our plan was to head from Susanville iwest nto the sierras and then head south to lake tahoe.

Susanville sits just a few miles below the tree line […]